Civic Resources

Toolkit: “Clear Vision Eau Claire Toolkit
This collection of core civic engagement practices and concepts offers everyday citizen engagement participants the tools to enact change in their communities through one-on-one interviews, values house meetings, power mapping, and public evaluation. (June 2011)

Webinar: “National League of Cities: Rebuilding Local Democracy Through Civic Organizing
Perspectives from a chief elected official, city manager, and community activist about using active citizen engagement to strengthen democratic conversations and address community issues. (June 2010)

Paper: “Civic Organizing in Eau Claire
Presented at the CIVICUS World Alliance for Participation 2008 Participatory Governance Conference in Glasgow, this paper details a local community initiative to use civic organizing concepts and practices to offset the systemic lack of political will of formal governance structures to take action. (June 2008)

Case Study: “Communities with Clear Vision
UK International Champions of Participation case study about a coalition of local government and non-profit organizations giving citizens new opportunities to participate in decision-making processes. (April 2008)

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